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Alan Wearne has been part of the Australian poetry scene since the late sixties and is the author of two verse collections, Public Relations and New Devil, New Parish, Out Here (a verse novella), the award-winning verse novel The Nightmarkets (which has also been adapted for the stage) and Kicking in Danger (a prose fantasy satire on Melbourne's football). In 1999 he hosted Conversations With A Dead Poet, a documentary film on his friend the late poet John Forbes.
The first volume of another verse novel, The Lovemakers, was published by Penguin Australia in March 2001. Reviews were excellent but a tepid 'promotional' campaign by the publishers, and the growing middle-browisation of Australian arts and letters helped ensure that Penguin would not publish the already completed Volume Two. With The Lovemakers Book One winning the NSW Premier's Prize for Poetry (Kenneth Slessor Award), the NSW Premier's Prize Book of the Year and the Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award for Australian Poetry, Penguin pulped remaining stocks.
In February 2004, The Lovemakers Book Two was published by ABC Books. Though the reviews were again excellent, any 'promotional' campaign was non-existent. Later that year it co-won The Foundation for Australian Literary Studies’ Colin Roderick Award and H T Priestly Medal. The book has since been pulped. The two volumes are now collected in one very large volume in the Shearsman edition. Alan's next book of poems The Australian Popular Songbook was published by Giramondo in early 2008, whilst Prepare the Cabin for Landing came out in 2012, again from Giramondo. He has his own publishing outfit, Grand Parade poets which to date has published six titles.

Alan Wearne teaches poetry as an Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong, but considers himself a Melbourne poet living in exile.

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