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Andrew Duncan was born in 1956 and brought up in the Midlands. He worked as a labourer (in England and Germany) after leaving school, and subsequently as a project planner with a telecoms manufacturer (1978–87), and as a programmer for the Stock Exchange (1988–91). He now works in the Civil Service and is based in Nottingham.

He has been publishing poetry since his Cambridge days in the late 70s, including In a German Hotel, Anxiety Before Entering a Room, Sound Surface, Surveillance and Compliance. He is one of the editors of Angel Exhaust and has translated a lot of modern German poetry. He has published a good deal of literary criticism in recent years, above all The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry (Salt); Centre and Periphery in Modern British Poetry (Liverpool UP), Origins of the Underground: The Occlusion of British Poetry, 1932–77 (Salt), as well as the volumes from Shearsman listed on this site.

See his confusing, but entertaining website here.

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