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Book 1 of Christian Peet's ongoing cross-genre project, The Nines, appeared as a chapbook (Palm Press, 2006, available from Small Press Distribution), and his work can be found in journals such as Fence, Fascicle, Octopus Magazine, Pom2, Practice: New Writing + Art, and SleepingFish. Peet lives in Vermont, in the U.S., where he runs Tarpaulin Sky Press, freelances as a book and web designer, and teaches Creative Writing at the Community College of Vermont. Not unlike the postcard writer of Big American Trip, Peet has driven across the United States half a dozen times and camped in all but five states while living out of his car and assuming a variety of employee incarnations including sheet metal fabricator, goat milker, organic sprout grower, maintenance man, landscaper, and convenience store clerk.

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