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David Chaloner was born in rural Cheshire in 1944. He spent his early years dreaming of escape. As the closest city, Manchester provided a cultural and social context for his early writing, when jazz was available in clubs created from empty cotton warehouses and Granada Television struggled with the idea of a new arts programme that included poetry. Apart from 'little press' publications, his first published work appeared in the Tandem paperback Generation X, a true sociological record of the times, and the Penguin anthology, Children of Albion. In the late sixties he founded One, a magazine for new writing, that existed through the transitional years of a move to London in the early seventies. A continuing sense of enquiry and curiosity informed his work and helped in pushing the possibilities of language, music and image in varying and diverse ways. He died on 10 May 2010.

David Chaloner's sole Shearsman collection is out of print, but the entire contents of that volume may be found in his Collected Poems, from Salt Publishing.

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