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Author photo by Kirsti Indreeide, courtesy of J W Cappelens Forlag A S, Oslo.

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Hanne Bramness is a Norwegian poet, editor, translator, and novelist. Born in 1959, she published her first Norwegian collection Korrespondanse in 1983 and has followed this with seven other collections, two of them—Kysset and Trollmåne—for children. In 2007 Shearsman published a selection of her poems in English, Salt on the eye (translated by Frances Presley and the author) and in 2008 her selected poems appeared in Norwegian, Det står ulver i din drøm (Wolves are standing in your dream). In 2003 she published the novel Lynettes reise (Lynette's journey; a novel partially based on the Welsh-Argentinian poet Lynette Roberts' early life.)

Her latest book is Uten film i kameraet (No film in the camera) and is a collection of shorter and more lengthy prose poems about photographs by professional photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Francesca Woodman, Bill Brandt, Letticia Battaglia and Jitka Hanzlova to name a few—and also about personal photos and recollections of photos, about what photographs reveal and conceal. Kenneth Stevens translated this for Shearsman in 2013.

In her poetry Hanne Bramness has been particularly interested in memory and manipulations of memory.

Her many translations include works by Mina Loy, Kamala Das, Denise Levertov, Selima Hill and William Blake.

She won the the Norwegian Poetry Club Prize in 1996 and the prestigious Dobloug Prize from the Swedish Acadamy in 2006.

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