Karin Lessing

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Author photo by Nathalie Waag.

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About the author

Karin Lessing is an American poet who has been living in the Lubéron area of Provence since 1962. Her publications include the three Shearsman collections available here, and two previous collections from Montemora and Pentagram Press. She was born in Görlitz, a town now split by the German/Polish border and emigrated to the USA at an early age.

Her poetry is not as well known as it should be, in part due to her expatriation, but she writes slowly, and carefully, and with great attention to the smallest details of language. Her work owes something to American forebears, but also to European writers, both French and German, and the resulting poetic stands somewhat outside any poetic stream that one might recognise in the USA today, whether of the conservative, or of the alternative variety.

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