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Ken Bolton was born 1949, in Sydney. He published the magazines Magic Sam (1975-1981) and Otis Rush (1987-1996). Books include Four Poems, Blonde & French, Talking To You, a Selected Poems (Penguin, 1992), and the collections Untimely Meditations (1997) and At The Flash & At The Baci (2006)—and more recently The Circus and A Whistled Bit Of Bop in 2010 and Sly Mongoose in 2011. He has also published a great deal of poetry written in collaboration with poet John Jenkins. He edited Homage to John Forbes and wrote the artist’s monograph Michele Nikou. In 2009 the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia published his Art Writing — Art in Adelaide, the 1990s & 2000s. Since 1982 he has lived in Adelaide where he is associated with the Experimental Art Foundation. He lives with author Cath Kenneally.
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