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Ken Cockburn (1960–) is a poet and translator based in Edinburgh. After studying French and German at Aberdeen University, and Theatre Studies at University College Cardiff, he worked for several years with touring theatre companies in Wales. He later worked as Fieldworker for the Scottish Poetry Library, taking the library van to schools, libraries and community centres across Scotland. He and Alec Finlay established and ran pocketbooks, publishing 16 books taking a ‘contemporary and generalist view of Scottish culture’ (1999-2002). He has worked freelance since 2004, regularly collab-orating with visual artists including Mary Bourne, David Faithfull and Andrew MacKenzie. His published translations include poems by Christine Marendon, Arne Rautenberg and Thomas Rosenlöcher. Recent publications include Ink, with artists ~in the fields (2011), and Overheard Overlooked: Found Poems (2012). His website is here.


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