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Lisa Samuels is a transnational poet, essayist, and sound artist who has lived in the United States, Sweden, Israel/Palestine, Yemen, Malaysia, Spain, and since 2006 in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Her books include Tomorrowland (Shearsman, 2009), Mama Mortality Corridos (Holloway, 2010), Gender City (Shearsman, 2011), Wild Dialectics (Shearsman, 2012), Anti M (Chax, 2013), Tender Girl (Dusie, 2015), Over Hear (TinFish, 2015), and A TransPacific Poetics (edited with Sawako Nakayasu, Litmus Press 2017). She also makes soundworks and collaborates with composers and filmmakers. Her PhD is from the University of Virginia, and she teaches literature, theory, and creative writing at The University of Auckland.

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