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The French poet Lorand Gaspar was born at the intersection of several cultures, in a Hungarian family from Transylvania. He attended school in Bucharest, was mobilised in 1943, and then imprisioned in a work camp. He escaped in 1945 and settled as a refugee in France, where he studied medicinie, becoming later a surgeon in France, then successively in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tunis. He published his first verse collection in 1966, Le Quatrième État de la matière (Flammarion).

His subsequent works have appeared with Gallimard: Sol absolu (1972), Égée suivi de Judée (1980) and, most recently, Patmos (2001). A photographer, Lorand Gaspar has also published a number of prose works and travel books, including Approche de la parole (1978) and Feuilles d’observation (1986), and also essays, notably Histoire de la Palestine (Maspero, 1968). In addition he has been active as a translator, often in collaboration with Sarah Clair, from German (Rilke), Greek (Seferis), Hungarian (Pilinsky) and from English (D. H. Lawrence, Peter Riley). 

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