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María do Cebreiro is a widely-acclaimed Galician-language poet and critical theorist. Her published poetic works include: O estadio do espello [The Mirror Stage] (1998), Nós, as inadaptadas [Us, the Maladapted] (2002), Non queres que o poema te coñeza [You don’t want the poem to know you] (2004), Os hemisferios [Hemispheres] (2006), Cuarto de outono [Autumn Room] (2008) and Non son de aquí [I am not from here] (2008). As an academic she has published As antoloxías de poesía en Galicia e Cataluña: representación poética e ficción lóxica (2004), As terceiras mulleres (2005), and a variety of articles where new theoretical perspectives for contemporary Galician studies are explored. In March 2008 she was invited by the Centre for Galician Studies in Wales to be the first Galician Writer in Residence at Bangor University.

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