Maurice Scully

Picture of Author Maurice Scully
Author photo (Cork, 2004) by Tony Frazer.

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About the author

Maurice Scully was born in Dublin in 1952. After many years living in Italy, Africa and the west of Ireland, he settled with his wife and four children in Dublin, where he now lives and teaches. His creative work over the past 25 years has been devoted to a single vast project under the overall title of Things That Happen which consists of 5 Freedoms of Movement (Etruscan Books, 2nd revised edn, 2001), Livelihood (5 books, plus a prelude, interlude and postlude, Wild Honey Press, 2004), Sonata (Reality Street Editions, 2006) and Tig, the coda to the whole work (Shearsman Books, 2006). This is one of the most remarkable poetic enterprises in recent Irish letters.

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