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Mercedes Roffé is one of Argentina’s contemporary leading poets. Widely published in Latin America and Spain, her poetry has also been published in translation in Italy, Quebec, Romania, Belgium, and the United States. In 1998 she founded Pen Press, Plaquettes de Poesía, a successful tiny press dedicated to the publication of contemporary Spanish-language poets as well as poets of other languages in Spanish translation. She holds a diploma in Modern Languages from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Ph.D. in Spanish and Latin American Literatures from New York University. Among other distinctions, she was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in poetry (2001).

She divides her time between Buenos Aires and New York, and is frequently invited to read from her work at international poetry festivals and at academic settings around the world.

She has published Poemas (Madrid, 1978), El tapiz de Ferdinand Oziel (Buenos Aires, 1983), Cámara baja (BsAs, 1987; Chile, 1996), La noche y las palabras (BsAs, 1996; Chile, 1998), Definiciones Mayas (New York, 2000), Antología poética (Caracas, 2000), Canto errante (BsAs, 2002), Memorial de agravios (Córdoba, 2002), and La ópera fantasma (BsAs, 2006). An anthology of her work, Milenios caen de su vuelo. Poemas 1977-2003 appeared in Spain in 2006.

There is an interview (in English) with the author available here by Leonard Schwartz, which includes a reading of some her poems.

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