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Michael Haslam: I was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1947, and educated at Bolton School and at Peterhouse, Cambridge. In my final year (1968) I took my tutorials with Mr Prynne, in Caius. I began publishing my poetry around 1971, after Peter Riley, then in Denmark, duplicated and distributed a number of copies of a bunch of my poems to a clutch of editors of wee magazines. In 1970 I came to live at Foster Clough, near Hebden Bridge, where I still live. By the late 1970s merely living here had become my sole poetic subject. Now I call my whole project (after its first expression) 'ContinualeSong'.

Michael Haslam's work is collected in Mid Life, covering his work up to the mid-1990s (but incorporating later revisions), and in three volumes from Arc Publications, under the collective title Music, which is his current project.

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