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Pam Brown was born in 1948 in Seymour, Victoria and grew up on military bases in Toowoomba and Brisbane in Queensland. Since 1968 she has lived mostly in Sydney, currently in the renewing inner-city district of Alexandria. Pam has published many books, chapbooks, and an e-book. She has been actively involved in a diverse gamut of poetic activity since the 1970s. At the turn of the millennium she was, for five years, poetry editor for the progressive Australian literary journal Overland. Her collection Dear Deliria (Salt, 2003) won the New South Wales Premier's Award for Poetry. From 2004 she was the associate editor of Jacket online magazine and is now associated with Jacket2 where, in 2012, she edited an extensive feature, Fifty-one contemporary poets from Australia. Pam blogs intermittently at, and has a website here.


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