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Paul A. Green grew up in London. He studied at Oxford and the University of British Columbia, on the MA Creative Writing Programme. He has worked as a radio presenter, supply teacher, used-book operative and as Lecturer in Media at the Royal National College for the Blind.
His poetry has appeared in magazines ranging from New Worlds to Poetics Journal, while he has appeared over the decades in pubs, clubs, colleges and festivals, sometimes in collaborations with musician Vincent Crane, video-artist Jeremy Welsh or audio-fiction pioneer Lawrence Russell. Recordings have been broadcast on CBC, WFMU-FM, Pacifica and Resonance-FM and have been disseminated online by sites such as
Plays performed include The Dream Laboratory (CBC Radio), Ritual of the Stifling Air (BBC), The Voice Collection (RTE), The Mouthpiece (Resonance-FM),Terminal Poet (New Theatre Works) and Babalon (Travesty Theatre), a celebration of the life of Crowleyite rocket scientist Jack Parsons. His speculative fiction novels include The Qliphoth (2007) and Beneath the Pleasure Zones - The Rupture (2014).
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