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Philip Kuhn: poet, historian, designer book-binder & publisher of limited edition artists' books works across different textual practices with a multi-disciplinary approach to digital art forms. He lives and works on Dartmoor from where he also co-hosts the occasional readings series. in 2007 he established itinerant press and has now designed produced & published fifteen limited edition artist books the most recent being; Fred Beake, Wendy Batt, Some Idyls of Theokritus (2012), Simon Williams, HE SHE (2012), Richard Berengarten, The Blue Butterfly (2013) & philip kuhn, the silent killer that never stops murdering (2013)
A small selection of philip's poetry can be read in Tremblestone (Nos. 3, 4 & 5), Shearsman (67/68 & 73/74), In The Presence of Sharks: New Poetry from Plymouth, edited by Ian Robinson & Norman Jope (Phlebas 2006), The Reality Street Book of Sonnets, edited by Jeff Hilson (Reality Street 2008) and Fire (Nos 33/34). In 2009 Shearsman Books published his at maimonides table and since then he has written and produced two further book-length poems, paradoxes becoming (2009) and how to make radical leaflets (2011) both of which have been published in limited editions through itinerant press. In 2012 Shearsman Books published Worlds, philip kuhn's and ruth von zimmermann's translation of Welten, Gertrud Kolmar's last cycle of poems.
Other recent works include an essay for The Salt Companion to Richard Berengarten (aka Richard Burns) (Salt 2011), an essay on the German poet Gertrud Kolmar (1894–1943), an English language article, with ruth von zimmermann, on translating Kolmar's Welten, which can be found in Chryssoula Kambas and Marion Brandt (eds.), Sand in den Schuhen Kommender: Gertrud Kolmars Werk im Dialog (Wallstein 2012, pp.265-275), 'In the realm of außersein. Das Einhorn / The Unicorn: Notes for a Translation Map', in Kolmar übersetzen: Studien zum Problem der lyrikübertragung. Göttingen; Wallstein, pp.155-159, and 'A Translation Map of Das Einhorn which has also been published as a pull-out in the same volume.
Recent historical publications include 'Footnotes in the history of British Psychoanalysis: Observing Ernest Jones Discerning the works of Sigmund Freud. Psychoanalysis and History, Vol. 16 (1), pp.5-54 & 'Subterranean Histories: The Dissemination of Freud's Works into the British Discourse on Psychological Medicine: 1904 – 1911.' Psychoanalysis and History,Vol 16 (2) (Forthcoming: July 2014). Materials for the Novelist, philip's biography of Georg Ferdinand Springmühl von Weissenfeld (c. 1840-1902) is now complete and patiently waiting for its author to seek out a publisher, whilst That Fantastic Group of Faddists: being an Anatomy of the Legitimation League 1893-1898 is inching towards its completion.