Richard Caddel

Author photo by David James, 1976.

Shearsman Titles

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About the author

ichard Caddel was born in Bedford on July 13th 1949 (John Clare's birthday); and grew up in Gillingham, Kent. He studied music in Newcastle 1968-71, worked in Durham University Library 1972-2000. He retired due to ill-health (leukaemia). Married Ann in 1971; son Tom (1976-1995); daughter Lucy born 1978. Ran Pig Press with Ann 1972-2000; helped run the Morden Tower readings in Newcastle 1973-4; initiated the Colpitts readings in Durham in 1975. He was Director of the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre at Durham University from 1989, and died April 1, 2003.

His Shearsman collection is now out of print, although some copies may still be found at SPD in the USA. A large proportion of his work can be found in two volumes from West House Books, Magpie Words and the posthumous collection, Writing in the Dark.

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