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Born in 1955, Robert Sheppard was educated at the University of East Anglia. Apart from the publications listed below he was editor of three magazines, 1983, which, despite its name, existed in the 1970s as a cassette-tape magazine of recorded poetry; Rock Drill; and Pages, the latter of which still exists as a blogzine. He has read his work at dozens of venues and has worked in collaborative performance with dancers and musicians. He was an active part of the alternative poetry scene in London during the 1980s and 1990s, before moving to Liverpool to take up a post teaching English and Creative Writing at Edge Hill University, where he is currently Professor of Poetry and Poetics. Between 1989 and 2000 he wrote a long work (or 'net/(k)not/- work(s)' as he called it) entitled Twentieth Century Blues, which was published in a complete edition in 2008. (Its poetics is described in 'Poetic Sequencing and the New', available at Jacket.) Hymns to the God in which My Typewriter Believes, published in 2006, features 'texts and commentaries', works which specifically feed off other works of art. He has also published two critical studies, The Poetry of Saying: British Poetry and its Discontents (2005), and When Bad Times Made for Good Poetry (2011), a monograph, Iain Sinclair (2007), and an edited volume, The Salt Companion to Lee Harwood (2007). He has also edited the Selected Poems of Paul Evans for Shearsman.

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Text adapted from the author's page at Archive of the Now, where recordings of him reading his work can be heard.

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