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Ron Winkler was born in 1973 and lives in Berlin. He works freelance as a writer, editor, critic and translator (from the English). In 1999, he received his M.A. in German and History Studies at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena.
He is the founder of intendenzen, a poetry magazine which he edited for 10 years. His poetry has been translated into twenty languages, and featured in magazines such as The Epoch Poetry Quarterly, Australian Poetry Journal, Chicago Review, The Massachusetts Review, Jubilat, Circumference, Hamilton Stone Review, Boston Review, Blackbird and Atlanta Review. Poems in his own translations have been published in several literary magazines and anthologies.
He is the author of four full-length collections in German: vereinzelt Passanten [Scattered Pedestrians]  (kookbooks, Berlin 2004); Fragmentierte Gewässer [Fragmented Waters] (Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2007); Frenetische Stille [Frenetic Silence] (Berlin Verlag, Berlin  2010); Prachtvolle Mitternacht [Precious Midnight] (Schoeffling & Co., Frankfurt am Main 2013). The second of these appears from Shearsman Books in Jake Schneider's translation in late 2016.

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