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Roselle Angwin is a Cornish poet, author and painter whose work has won a number of awards. She read Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic and followed that with a training in transpersonal psychology. Her work is influenced by these things, as well as by Zen and druidry.

Under the Fire in the Head banner she leads an international holistic creative writing programme ranging from the ecobardic 'Ground of Being' outdoor workshops, through intensive poetry, to novel-writing based on the psychology of myth. She is a regular columnist for MsLexia magazine ('Writing Your Self'), and is currently poet-in-residence at a school in Wiltshire.

As a poet, she has been involved in a number of interdisciplinary and often land-based arts projects, collaborating with other writers, and with artists, musicians, dancers and sculptors. Her poetry has been displayed on buses and cathedral websites, has appeared in numerous anthologies, been etched into glass, hung from trees, printed on T-shirts, carved into stone, metal and wood, painted, sung, composed to, choreographed, danced, performed—and eaten by sheep. Her novel, Imago, appeared in 2011. 

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