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Rupert Loydell was born in London in 1960. He founded Stride magazine in 1982, shortly before starting his degree in creative writing and painting, and just before founding Stride Books. Between then and spring 2008 he published several hundred titles in Stride's wide-ranging list of poetry, fiction, and critical texts; the magazine continues online.

Loydell has also edited numerous books, including My Kind of Angel: i.m. William Burroughs, Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh: manifestos and unmanifestos, and From Hepworth's Garden Out; he was also series editor for the Peter Redgrove Library. He has also produced several artist's books and collaborative works, and a collection of poems for children. His prose book, Stone Angels: Prose 1979–1993 was published in 1995.

In addition to editing Stride, he is currently Senior Lecturer in English with Creative Writing at Falmouth University, a widely exhibited painter of small abstract paintings, and a much-anthologised and -published poet. Shearsman has published five collections of his poetry, and a collection of interviews.

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