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Tamara Fulcher was born in London in 1977 and subsequently raised by her grandmother in Kent. Having left home after A-Levels she applied to read Ancient History at the University of Edinburgh, from where she took a First Class (MA) Hons, having funded her studies by working as an escort, an experience which has fed and coloured much of her writing. Tamara’s first published poem, 'Cracked' appeared in the lesbian magazine Velvet in November 2005, and her other magazine credits include Tears in the Fence, Gold Dust, Parameter, Open Wide, Iota, Other Poetry, Rain Dog, Erbacce, Shearsman, The Ugly Tree, White Leaf Review, Poetry Review and The Red Wheelbarrow. In 2007 she was awarded The Poetry Society’s Geoffrey Dearmer Prize for her poem 'Choirsinger'.

Tamara has settled in Edinburgh where she now lives alone with her young son Beau and is studying for a BTEC in Investigation, while working on her first novel and continuing to make inroads on the UK poetry scene.

The Recreation of Night is Tamara Fulcher's first collection. 

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