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Verónica Volkow was born in Mexico City in 1955. She has published several collections of poetry, including La Sibila de Cumas; Litoral de Tinta; El inicio; Los Caminos, Arcanos, Oro del viento, and Litoral de tinta y ortos poemas, as well as the prose volumes Sudáfrica: Diario de un Viaje, a report on daily life under apartheid. In addition she has published La Mordedura de la Risa, a study of the graphic works of Francisco Toledo, and has contributed to catalogues devoted to the works of Arnold Belkin, Christine Couture and Nicholas Sperakis.

Verónica Volkow holds a Masters in Comparative Literature from Columbia University, New York. She has also received awards from the University of Iowa's International Writers' Program, and from the Mexican Writers' Centre, among others. She has published a number of translations, including a substantial volume devoted to Elizabeth Bishop, as well as works by Leon Trotsky, Victor Serge, Henry Michaux and Michael Hamburger.

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