2014 Titles - Alphabetical by Author

Martin Anderson Obsequy for Lost Things

Published September 2014. Paperback, 90pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613508 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Obsequy For Lost Things consists of three prose-poetry sequences. The first two share the setting of the Thames estuary. They all share, however, like the author's previous collection of prose-poetry sequences (from Skysill Press) Interlocutors of Paradise, a concern with history and the psychology of colonialism.

Picture of book cover Martin Anderson Obsequy for Lost Things
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Alberto Arvelo Torrealba Florentino and The Devil

Published November 2014. Paperback, 116pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613485 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Translated from Spanish by Timothy Adès, with Gloria Carnevali. Bilingual edition.

Florentino and the Devil, a famous poem in Venezuela, is the story of a poetic duel, a contrapunteo, between Florentino, a llanero (a cattleman of the plains) and The Devil. Singing to a traditional joropo accompaniment on harp, four-stringed guitar and maracas, the contenders improvise rapid rhymes, trading thrust and counterthrust like swordsmen, showing off their mastery and boasting of their accomplishments, each trying to reduce the other to silence.


Alberto Arvelo Torrealba - Florentino and The Devil
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Richard Berengarten Manual

Published February 2014. Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $17
ISBN 9781848613256 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Manual, the sixth volume in the ongoing series of Richard Berengarten's Selected Writings, is an ambitious work-in-progress, a single poem, whose central theme is human hands.

This present collation is divided into five sequences and subdivided into one hundred small poems, with two frame-pieces at the start and end. Numerological patterning, an articulated feature of much of Berengarten's writing, occurs in each poem's formal structure: ten lines, ten fingers; two stanzas, two hands.

Picture of book cover Richard Berengarten Manual
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Andy Brown (ed.) Taylor "The Writing Occurs as Song": a Kelvin Corcoran Reader

Published January 2014. Paperback, 262pp, 9x6ins, £14.95 / $23
ISBN 9781848613201 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

This book offers a critical overview of the work of the British poet Kelvin Corcoran who, over nearly 30 years, has established a reputation as one of the most significant innovative British lyric poets; 'a giant of the middle generation' as Andrew Duncan has described him, placed between the radical poetics of the '60s and '70s and subsequent generations. Essays by Martin Anderson, Zoë Brigley Thompson, Andy Brown, Ian Davidson, John Hall, Lee Harwood, David Herd, Luke Kennard, Katherine Peddie, Peter Riley, Jos Smith, Simon Smith, Alicia Stubbersfield, Scott Thurston, plus some recent poetry by Kelvin Corcoran.

Picture of book cover Andy Brown (ed.) Taylor "The Writing Occurs as Song": a Kelvin Corcoran Reader
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Carmen Bugan The House of Straw

Published January 2014. Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613249 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

The House of Straw is Carmen Bugan's second collection, and follows her well-received memoir of life under the Ceaucescu regime in Romania, Burying the Typewriter.

'Bugan's poetry is subtle, tends towards reticence, yet has an indelible staying power. Crossing the Carpathians is a moving exploration of the costs of survival and the survival of love.' —Jacquelyn Pope on Crossing the Carpathians in Harvard Review.

Picture of book cover Carmen Bugan The House of Straw
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M.T.C. Cronin  in possession of loss

Published October 2014. Paperback, 114pp, 8 x 5.25ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613829 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

"This is poetry that goes direct to that other place and inhabits it. in possession of loss has a clear sparseness, almost a minimalism, that is also highly complex. Read as a single book-length poem, it thinks our world without telling openly. As in Inger Christensen’s Alphabet, everything hangs together and speaks the whole though one can’t exactly say how. Like Celan and Rilke before her, Cronin is a risk-taker: she can say 'love', 'loss', 'death', 'the heart', without tying the words to recognizable stories or hiding behind the game of avoiding meaning. This is a poetry that shoulders the big questions. Compared to so much that is written in the English-speaking world, Cronin’s poetry IS so different and so itself." — Peter Boyle

Cover of MTC Cronin - in possession of loss
Martyn Crucefix  The Time We Turned

Published June 2014. Chapbook, 36pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £6.50 / $9.95
ISBN 9781848613683 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Martyn Crucefix’s new poems vividly evoke the landscapes of northern England and—in a sequence of sonnets inspired by the writing of Rosalía de Castro—the north west of Spain. But more than place, they explore the ways in which we inhabit time—how we are harmed and healed by it, how we deny, ignore, sublimate, repeat or reprise it.
I’d want to say it was past seven o’clock
or perhaps by then even seven-fifteen—
I’m sure of it now—a quarter past the hour
was the time we turned and part of what it meant
     (‘The map house’)
Martyn Crucefix - The Time We Turned
Patricia Debney  Gestation

Published June 2014. Chapbook, 36pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £6.50 / $9.95
ISBN 9781848613669 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Patricia Debney’s first collection of prose poems, How to Be a Dragonfly (Smith Doorstop Books, 2005), was the overall winner of the 2004 Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition. A novel, Losing You (bluechrome) appeared in 2007. Her second collection of prose poems, Littoral, was published by Shearsman Books in 2013. She is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Kent.
Exploring fragmentation, delusion and parental ageing, the long poem Gestation forms part of her next collection, Baby.
Cover of Patricia Debney - Gestation
Laressa Dickey Bottomland

Published February 2014. Paperback, 84pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613263 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Shortlisted for the 2015 Michael Murphy Memorial Prize for Best First Collection.

Bottomland is a collection of six longer sequences of poems: American Rough-leg; Bottomland; Catalogue of Utilities; A Pictorial History of Wilderness; Route to Cloudless: Day; and Mimesis, Synaptic. In this collection, Laressa Dickey sustains something of the spirit and space of the poem over a longer period of time, and explores the poem as an improvisational space. The poems were born in the deep chill of the Minnesota winter, and they begin out of her experience and memories of growing up on her family's tobacco farm in Tennessee, but move on to much more.

Picture of book cover Laressa Dickey Bottomland
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Laurie Duggan Allotments

Published May 2014. Paperback, 72pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613553 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

"The small poems… slowly build up to a much larger narrative; a narrative of time and memory, of thinking and looking and being in the world, a kind of history that is happening on the sidelines." — Fiona Wright 

"Sceptical as I am about anti-poetry, of which there is a lot around and which can assume many different forms, the fully formed poems are not the only writing I can value in a book like this. There is too much wit, absurdity, and sheer verbal craft to be ignored." —Peter Riley

Picture of book cover Laurie Duggan Allotments
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Helena Eriksson strata

Translated from Swedish by Jan Teeland and Wendy Klein
Published June 2014. Paperback, 108pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $17
ISBN 9781848612747 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

The poetry of Helena Eriksson can be positioned within the Swedish literary avant-garde associated with the poetry magazine and publishing house, OEI. It is her strong, unique voice, however, which qualifies her for consideration as one of the most interesting and influential Swedish poets of her generation.
      In her alluring, almost filmic poems, she introduces themes of violence and treachery, through the use of doppelgängers and disguises. She is influenced here by a longer tradition represented by writers such as Genet, Bataille and Duras, where literature offers a site for the exploration of desire, rupture and identities in revolt. Motifs that in Eriksson are often articulated as sensuous and tactile, may also be stifled or smothered in layers of cloth, ruffles and ruffs, pearl necklaces, corsets, dresses and bows. As noted in one of the poems in strata, with its many references to Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I and their portraits: “Everything is costume”. That is, reality is a constant act of playing out desires and identities, and poetry is a mode of framing these just as precisely, but differently. —Hanna Nordenhök
Picture of book cover Helena Eriksson strata
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Gerrie Fellows The Body in Space

Published April 2014. Paperback, 72pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613430 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

This is a poetry of layers and echoes. Poems which bring together people and places—family relationships enacted through webs of intimacy or distance, the dead remembered in interleaved images of art and medicine.
      These are poems concerned with the living presence of place—and with what is written over it by maps and history, whether in the crash site of a military aircraft in Argyll, in the personal histories of an elegy or in the eroded landscapes of the Scottish hills. Here the living move through time and weather, making and remaking their own language in the music and silences of the poems.
Picture of book cover Cover of the book Gerrie Fellows The Body in Space
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Alec Finlay & Ken Cockburn  The Road North

Published October 2014. Paperback, 136pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613584 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

the road north is a word-map of Scotland, composed by Alec Finlay & Ken Cockburn as they travel through their homeland, guided by the Japanese poet Basho, whose Osu-no-Hosomichi (Narrow Road to the Deep North) is one of the masterpieces of travel literature. Ken and Alec left Edo (Edinburgh) on May 16, 2010 — the very same date that basho and his companion Sora departed in 1689 — and on their return, on May 16, 2011, they published 53 collaborative audio & visual poems describing the landscapes they had seen and the people they had met.

Cover of Alec Finlay and Ken Cockburn - The Road North
Roy Fisher "An Easily Bewildered Child": Occasional Prose, 1963-2013

Edited by Peter Robinson
Published September 2014. Paperback, 198pp, 9x6ins, £12.95 / $20
ISBN 9781848613003 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

An Easily Bewildered Child: Occasional Prose 1963-2013 brings together all his rare autobiographical sketches, the memoirs of his life as a jazz pianist, his tributes to musicians, writers, and painters of various kinds, a number of his book reviews, and comments on classic forebears such as John Cowper Powys, Ezra Pound, the Black Mountain poets, and Basil Bunting. All of these writings, as Fisher notes, ‘owe their origins to commissions, suggestions or various forms of pressure from friends’. 

Cove rof Ror Fisher - An Easily Bewildered Child - Occasional Prose 1963-2013
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Tony Frazer (ed.) Shearsman issue 99 & 100

Published April 2014. Paperback, 108pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613331

This issue contains poetry by Gabrielle Alioth, Martin Anderson, James Bell, Linda Black, Rosie Breese, Geraldine Clarkson, Ken Cockburn & Alec Finlay, Claire Crowther, Makyla Curtis, Harry Guest, Gary Hotham, David Kennedy, Peter Larkin, Mary Leader, Yann Lovelock, Becka Mara McKay, Christopher Middleton, Helen Moore, Sonia Overall, Simon Perchik, Peter Riley, Alexandra Sashe, Hilda Sheehan, Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese, & translations of Gastón Baquero by Peter Boyle, of Ivano Fermini by Ian Seed, and of Gonca Özmen by George Messo.


Picture of book cover Tony Frazer (ed.) Shearsman issue 99 & 100
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Tony Frazer (ed.)  Shearsman magazine, No. 101 & 102
Published October 2014. Paperback, 108pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613836

The second issue of Shearsman magazine for 2014 contains new poetry by Isobel Armstrong, Paula Bohince, Peter Boyle, M.T.C. Cronin, Anamaría Crowe Serrano, Ray DiPalma, Tim Dooley, Michael Farrell, Damian Furniss, Mark Goodwin, Anne Gorrick, Jeremy Hooker, juli Jana, Norman Jope, Kent MacCarter, Julie Maclean, Alasdair Paterson, Peter Robinson, Lucy Sheerman, Nathan Shepherdson, Scott Thurston, Cristina Viti, Heidi Williamson, Valerie R. Witte and translation of Ulrike Almut Sandig (by Karen Leeder) and María do Cebreiro (by Neil Anderson).


Cover of Shearsman magazine issue 101 and 102
Nancy Gaffield Continental Drift

Published April 2014. Paperback, 86pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613294 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Continental Drift is a book about place, about the attachments and appropriations that shape our relationship with the land. Transcending the border of country and continent, these poems search out ways that language balances the demands of location. This is a poetry of shifting localities and the forces that make them. Continental Drift is Nancy Gaffield’s second collection. Tokaido Road, published in 2011, won the Aldeburgh First Collection Prize.

Picture of book cover Nancy Gaffield Continental Drift
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Nancy Gaffield  Tokaido Road: A Journey after Hiroshige
Published June 2014. Chapbook, 36pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £5.00 / $9.95
ISBN 9781848613782 
This is the libretto for Nicola LeFanu’s chamber opera Tokaido Road, which had its premiere in July 2014, and is based on Nancy Gaffield’s first collection of poems (CB editions, 2011).
In 1832 the young Hiroshige sets out on Japan’s great Eastern Sea Road, the Tokaido, linking Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. The paintings he creates along the way reveal the secrets of a hidden country. 
Cover of Nancy Gaffield - Tokaido Road, A Journey after Hiroshige
Angela Gardner  The Told World

Published October 2014. Paperback, 84pp, 8.5 x 5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613713 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish losses from gains. The world we live in constantly changes and so how to make sense of it all? What is the relationship between mind and body when the mind’s world is built from the body’s sensations? What will we be when we return from war, from love? Who will we be in the post-human machine world? How will genetic manipulation change us and our representation of ourselves? The Told World contemplates some themes of ‘The Pastoral’ in a contemporary world and explores the stories that can be told from that chiaroscuro. 
Cover of Angela Gardner - The Told World
Jim Goar The Dustbowl

Published March 2014. Paperback, 86pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613218 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

The Dustbowl is a collection of serial poems that intertwine Arthurian legend and Dust Bowl Americana with fragmented memories of Arizona and California. The book's polyphonic voices conjoin perpetually questing knights and those journeying west into a single body. The Guardian's review of Dear World & Everyone In It complemented the anthology for its inclusion of pieces from this "expertly challenging" sequence.

Picture of book cover Jim Goar The Dustbowl
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Thomas Gray The English Poems

Shearsman Classics Vol. 19
Published September 2014. Paperback, 152pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613577 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Thomas Gray was the author of some of the most admired poems of the 18th century, the famous 'Elegy' among them, but his reputation continues to rest on a handful of masterpieces, while the rest of his work has faded from view. This book offers all of his poems in English — he wrote also in Latin and Greek — and his translations into English from Italian and Latin, together with a brief introduction and notes.

Picture of book cover Thomas Gray The English Poems
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Alan Halsey Rampant Inertia

Published May 2014. Paperback, 116pp, 9x6ins, £9.95 / $17
ISBN 9781848613560 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

In Rampant Inertia Alan Halsey, identified by Tony Lopez as a 'normally secret and invisible language spy', is found going about his familiar business, dismantling the rhetoric of Austerity while tracking scientific and other uncertainties, rereading Burton in the light of the Arab Spring, miming Our Mutual Friend, transcribing a racehorse's gossip, mapping the bricked-up public toilets of Sheffield, tapping Lewis and Clark's conversation in the Lost Trail Pass or fitfully failing to translate Aretino's erotica. Is 'Baa baa black sheep' a political poem? He thinks so. Rampant Inertia completes a trilogy of books, following Term as in Aftermath (Ahadada 2009) and Even if only out of (Veer 2011) although it may be the third in a tetralogy. 

Picture of book cover Alan Halsey Rampant Inertia
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Fernando de Herrera Selected Poems

Shearsman Classics Vol. 18. 
Translated from Spanish by Luis Ingelmo & Michael Smith.
Bilingual edition.

Published February 2014. Paperback, 146pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613348 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Perhaps the greatest of Spain's Renaissance poets, Fernando de Herrera (1534-97), a native of Seville, was the writer who took on board the experiments with Italian forms carried out by his predecessors Juan Boscán and Garcilaso de la Vega (whose work he edited and annotated), and made of them a native style. As it was with many other poets elsewhere — such as Sir Thomas Wyatt in England — the example of Petrarch, both directly, and as mediated by Garcilaso, was crucial in the development of Herrera's elegant vernacular verse. With Garcilaso, Boscán and Herrera, Spanish poetry takes wing. The generation that followed Herrera was to be the greatest literary flowering in Spanish history.

Picture of book cover Fernando de Herrera Selected Poems
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Jeremy Hooker Openings. A European Journal

Published March 2014. Paperback, 292pp, 9x6ins, £14.95 / $23
ISBN 9781848613041 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Openings is a sequel to Jeremy Hooker's earlier Welsh Journal and Upstate: A North American Journal, permitting us a peak over the shoulder of a fine English poet at work, and on the move.

Picture of book cover Jeremy Hooker Openings. A European Journal
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David Jaffin Landing Rights

Published January 2014. Paperback, 370pp, A5 format, £15 / $23.
Published jointly with Edition Wortschatz, Schwarzenbach, Germany.
ISBN 9781848613423

The first of Jaffin's books for 2014: another collection of his trademark spare lyrics.

Picture of book cover David Jaffin Landing Rights
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David Jaffin  Listening to Silence

Published July 2014. Paperback, 423pp, A5 format. £15. ISBN 978-1-84861-379-9.

Published jointly with Edition Wortschatz, an imprint of Neufeld Verlag, Schwarzenbach, Germany.

David Jaffin's second collection for 2014, taking his page-count for the year close to 900 pages. Perhaps the most prolific of lving poets, David Jaffin is using his retirement well.



Cover of David Jaffin - Listening to Silence
juli Jana  ra-t

Published June 2014. Chapbook, 32pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £6.50 / $9.95
ISBN 9781848613676 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

The figure of ra-t slithers through these pages like the Zelig of London Town—an ocular witness at every juncture of its history. His split name makes him a fractured and contradictory creature. Always recognizable he is also hesitant and obscure, not unlike this text which at every turn employs discontinuity and slippage as formal strategies whilst being as familiar as nursery rhyme. Ra-t is a survivor, but you won’t find him—he
is today and gone! —Jeff Hilson
juli Jana - ra-t
Trevor Joyce  Selected Poems 1967-2014

Published October 2014. Paperback, 144pp, 9x6ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613522 [Download a sample PDF from this book here; also download a PDF of Notes to this volume here.]

Trevor Joyce’s Selected Poems offers a major career retrospective, taking texts not only from his earlier Shearsman collected volume, with the first dream of fire they hunt the cold (2001; 2nd edition, 2003) and the subsequent large Canadian volume, What’s in Store (2007), but also from harder-to-find, and more recent material, both translated and original.

Cover of Trevor Joyce - Selected Poems 1967-2014
José Kozer  Tokonoma (bilingual edition)

Published October 2014. Paperback, 242pp, 9 x 6ins, £14.95 / $23
ISBN 9781848613744 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Translated from Spanish by Peter Boyle. Bilingual edition.

A tokonoma is an alcove in a traditional Japanese house, which serves to display a scroll, ikebana or a special painting or print. It is also a kind of code-word in neo-baroque Hispanic writing, having been much used by the movement’s founder and inspiration, Cuban poet José Lezama Lima. Here the tokonoma is part of José Kozer’s linguistic armoury: another Cuban poet, but this time one in exile in the USA and, by common consent, the doyen of the current Hispanic neo-baroque. Here Kozer engages with Japanese and Chinese poetry, learning, myth and much more besides. This is Kozer’s second collection with Shearsman, following Anima (2011)

Cover of Jose Kozer - Tokonoma
José Kozer  Tokonoma (English-only edition)

Published October 2014. Paperback, 144pp, 9 x 6ins, £9.95.
ISBN 9781848613850 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Translated from Spanish by Peter Boyle. English-only edition.

This is the same book as the one shown above, but without the Spanish texts, and at a more attractive price for those not requiring the original versions.

Cover of Jose Kozer - Tokonoma (English-only edition)
Peter Larkin  Give Forest Its next Portent
Published September 2014. Paperback, 194pp, 9x6ins, £12.95 / $20
ISBN 9781848613843 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
“Larkin’s is the most radically decentered poetry of ecological apprehension and conscience that we have in English, and if it is also among the most estrangingly beautiful, that is no accident. Larkin’s verse rides its Modernist inheritances through and past what we now think of as postmodernism, fetching up on some farther, stranger shore.”  —G. C. Waldrep
Cover of Peter Larkin - Give Forest Its Next Portent
Ágnes Lehóczky Carillonneur

Published April 2014. Paperback, 72pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613461 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Poems in this collection take a new psychogeographical approach in order to explore urban landscape — both known and new districts of Sheffield and Budapest. Writing from the viewpoint of a outsider employing the palimpsestic texture of the prose poem, offers a new, so called 'nomadic poetics' which crosses not only languages and borders of physical places but the boundaries of origins and identities, suggesting that human psyche, collective memory and disparate selves overlap each other's psycho-topographic maps. Collaging both the factual and the invented — both diachronic and synchronic — layers of history and cultural heritage of cities, recycling the neglected and the forgotten, these poems continue to experiment with the poetics of almost-prose narratives re-mapping locations of a hybrid mind from amnesia and imagination.

Picture of book cover Ágnes Lehóczky Carillonneur
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John Matthias  Different Kinds of Music. A Novel
Published September 2014. Paperback, 188pp, 9x6ins, £12.95 / $20
ISBN 9781848613706 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Different Kinds of Music follows Timothy “Westy” Westmont through six episodes from his childhood and youth, through his experiences as an archivist and a thief, to encounters with William Faulkner’s bear in St. Louis, Hemingway’s lingering ghost at Walloon Lake in Michigan, and Phillip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus in Columbus, Ohio itself. The narrative is sometimes funny, sometimes sad; and it progresses in an order more interesting than the merely chronological. Between the episodes appears a sequence of interchapters about music, the different kinds of which define Westmont’s experience from the 1940s to the turn of the 21st century in an idiom different from that of the narrative parts of the book. Different, too, is the final long chapter, “Westmont as Talbot Eastmore,” in which the author of the previous five episodes tells his own story in terms of a miniature bildungsroman which is also an elegy for an old friend.
Cover of John Matthias - Different Kinds of Music
Alice Miller The Limits

Published April 2014. Paperback, 72pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $17
ISBN 9781848613324 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Not for sale in Australia or New Zealand. Available in those territories from Auckland University Press.

The poems in this extraordinary full-length collection by Alice Miller ask you to force yourself beyond your own boundaries. They are curious, restless, bold; they marry lyrical music and intricate metaphor as they search for other human voices beyond the rumblings of the apocalypse and the stubbornness of myth.

From bare battlefields to crisp Antarctica to the gates of Troy, from re-written history to love story, these poems ask for something more from the world than just riding till the spoke breaks. A poet for whom one way's easy but an easy way's / worse, Miller in this  collection traces a path that leads beyond our limits — to where we set the sky on silent, where we're braver than science, and where we try to un-glimpse what we've lost.

Picture of book cover Alice Miller The Limits
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David Miller Reassembling Still — Collected Poems

Published May 2014. Paperback, 318pp, 9x6ins, £14.95 / $25
ISBN 9781848613317 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Comprising work from the early 1970s onwards, Reassembling Still is by far the largest and most comprehensive collection of David Miller’s poetry, and includes all of his poetry that he wishes to keep, with the exceptions of the ongoing Spiritual Letters project and his visual poems. 
Cover of David Miller Reassembling Still - Collected poems
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John Muckle  Little White Bull — British Fiction in the 50s and 60s
Published September 2014. Paperback, 342pp, 9x6ins, £14.95 / $24
ISBN 9781848613058 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Little White Bull takes a fresh look at the times before the day before yesterday, not the end times but the new beginnings, and tries to show how British fiction grappled with subjects as thorny and diverse as the impact of mass immigration and a new kind of rootless working-class character uncontained by previous conceptions of him or herself, and apparently ready to go to war over them. This exciting and readable book presents the fifties and sixties as a crucible of new departures, asking what remains and continues from those decades into the cultural present. It takes the form of a series of thematic essays each of which discusses the work of an individual or group of novelists.
     Writers examined in this book are Paul Ableman, Brian Aldiss, Kingsley Amis, J.G. Ballard, Lynn Reid Banks, John Berger, John Braine, Angela Carter, Nell Dunn, Gillian Freeman, Barry Hines, B.S. Johnson, Doris Lessing, Colin Macinnes, Michael Moorcock, Iris Murdoch, V.S. Naipaul, Bill Naughton, Edna O’Brien, Harold Pinter, Samuel Selvon, Alan Sillitoe, David Storey, Jack Trevor Story, Leslie Thomas, Alexander Trocchi, John Wain, Keith Waterhouse, Raymond Williams and Colin Wilson.
Cover of John Muckle - Little White Bull - British Fiction in the 50s and 60s
Richard Parker (ed.)  News from Afar: Ezra Pound and Some Contemporary British Poetries

Published October 2014. Paperback, 330pp, 9x6ins, £14.95 / $23
ISBN 9781848613645 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

"This is a book that travels that road, on the lookout for the signs that speak most strongly to the now. Merciless war against mediocrity, sharpest eye and ear for syntax, awareness of culture in its relation to politics, use of translation as workshop for change, suspension of limits between prose and poetry, opening of poetry to what its bourgeois practice excludes: here is the generic Pound, present to contemporary needs. The struggle for a practice of resistance, discrimination of antagonisms, with all the resources poetry is capable of, here is the Pound alive in current poetry. Pound is at the core. There is, as this book shows, no way round that.”  —William Rowe

Cover of Richard Parker - News from Afar
Alasdair Paterson Elsewhere or Thereabouts

Published January 2014. Paperback, 86pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613270 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

From Troy to Arcadia, on the high road to elsewhere and the low road to thereabouts, boarding a ferry 'cross the Mersey and hiking the Jurassic Coast, skating away on Duddingston Loch and dynamiting the frozen rivers of Siberia, lured to the summit and drawn to the edge — Alasdair Paterson plots a course at the cruising speed of the flâneur through the ruins of empires, dreams and good intentions. Though pavement cafes still play a part…

Picture of book cover Alasdair Paterson Elsewhere or Thereabouts
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Frances Presley  halse for hazel

Published October 2014. Paperback, 104pp, 9x6ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613409 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Halse is Exmoor dialect for hazel, as transcribed by local historian Hazel Eardley-Wilmot: a convergence of names which initiates a new poetic syntax of marginal trees and tongues. Halse for hazel has three sections, Halse, Col and Hassel: alternate and playful names for hazel, which map wide ranging geographic and linguistic areas, as well as political and environmental pressures. Halse begins with Exmoor tree names and ends with Lorna Doone, while Col moves from an irreverent Celtic tree alphabet to Atlantic woods in Scotland where hazel dominates. Hassel takes us from the devastation of Oak Change, after WWI, to the naming of hidden whitebeams in Avon Gorge. Much of Halse for hazel, like Presley’s earlier sequences, Myne and Lines of sight, is ‘blind writing’, when the eye and mind focus on the landscape rather than the page, although what we see and how we see are more at risk. The visual design of the text is shaped by the language of trees and their strange physical evolution, in dialogue with the images of Irma Irsara. The book also contains a recent collaboration with American poet and artist Julia Cohen, commissioned for Likestarlings.

Cover of Frances Presley - halse for hazel
Jeremy Reed The Glamour Poet Versus Francis Bacon, Rent and Eyelinered Pussycat Dolls

Published January 2014. Paperback, 150pp, 9x6ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613232 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

The first book of Jeremy Reed's uncompromising, explicitly autobiographical expose of his life as a leading London poet from the 1980s to the present day, a major long poem written in the shop, while managing Red Snapper Books in the period 2007-2008, takes in an acutely personalised retrieval of the Piccadilly Circus ethos in the eighties, including meetings with the artist Francis Bacon, bohemian Soho, an index of personal obsessions including rock music and fashion, a defiant colour block of personal friends, patrons, pick-ups and demi-monde outlaws, all generously characterised for their individual importance and contribution to the poet's life, and a direct full-on involvement with unstoppable big-city momentum in the capital, intensely lived on a day to day basis. The book is a highly courageous and cutting edge poet's autobiography, explicit and detailed in a way few poets would dare celebrate quite literally the uncensored resources of a highly individual and sustained personal creativity.

Picture of book cover Jeremy Reed The Glamour Poet Versus Francis Bacon, Rent and Eyelinered Pussycat Dolls
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Peter Riley  The Dance at Mociu  (2nd, expanded edition)

Published October 2014. Paperback, 144pp, 8.5 x 5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613867 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

The Dance at Mociu brings together some thirty 'stories' of Transylvania, a part of the world that has fascinated the author for many years, and which he and his wife have visited annually since 1998. These pieces are not stories in the conventional sense, but range from meditation to epiphany, from observation to recordings of an old world that seems threatened — the world of 'Old Europe', that Central Europe whose borders were flexible in the extreme, whose populations found themselves changing nationalities with alarming frequency in the 20th century, and whose cultures survived all the vicissitudes of war and rampant nationalisms only to face an uncertain future in the post-communist present. Expanded version of the 2003 edition, in a larger format.

Cover of Peter Riley - The Dance at Mociu
Maurice Scully  Several Dances

Published October 2014. Paperback, 138pp, 9 x 6ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613362 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

This book is not a 'collection' of 'poems', or not quite. Something odd is going on: things repeat, vary, develop, disappear to reappear skewed and the book ends, then doesn't. And the 'poems' involve events in literature, poetry we all know, and some we don't, and the writing brings them in a dance across time into the mind along with the life of the moment. Moments in time are not frozen, things that happen are not selected, highlighted and described. They just happen. Fluid energy is taken on for what it is, and that's the way things are. 
Cover of Maurice Scully - Several Dances
Ian Seed Makers of Empty Dreams

Published May 2014. Paperback, 78pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613454 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

With a sparse, haunting, often playful lyricism, the makers of empty dreams emerge like figures in the reels of an old, almost abandoned film. Their stories, often set in different countries which we may or may not know, tell of loss and estrangement, of betrayal and reconciliation, and of a search for the possibilities of renewal along the way.

Picture of book cover Ian Seed Makers of Empty Dreams
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John Seed  Some Poems 2006-2013

Published June 2014. Chapbook, 36pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £6.50 / $9.95
ISBN 9781848613737 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Published by Gratton Street Irregulars; distributed by Shearsman Books.

John Seed is the author of eight collections of verse, including: Divided into One (Poetical Histories, 2003), New and Collected Poems and Pictures from Mayhew (both Shearsman, 2005), That Barrikins: Pictures from Mayhew II (Shearsman, 2007), and Manchester: August 16th & 17th 1819 (Intercapillary Editions, 2013).

Cover of John Seed - Some Poems 2006-2013
Aidan Semmens  Uncertain Measures

Published October 2014. Paperback, 92pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613515 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

‘A Ritual Landscape’ sets out Aidan Semmens’ stall from the start of this, his third full-length collection. These are poems that ‘have legs’—that continue the journey outward begun in A Stone Dog and The Book of Isaac, and elaborate the argument and project of one of our most ambitious and accomplished poets. What runs through this book, like Brighton rock, is a traditional, yet questioning, and taut lyricism, a poetry of argument in the voice of smouldering outrage. The voice of these poems inhabits the place of post-industrial landscape in a way not as effectively revisited and examined since the poetry of Roy Fisher in, ‘a place of gathering /an enclosure of power and spirit,’ in a ‘slow recovery of knowledge’.  —­Simon Smith
Cover of Aidan Semmens - Uncertain Measures
Ron Silliman Northern Soul

Published March 2014. Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613195 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Northern Soul is the second poem in a major sequence entitled Universe, following on from Revelator — published by BookThug in Canada in 2013. Universe is a work that, were Ron Silliman to live long enough, would take him three centuries to complete; it is a poem of globalization and post-global poetics (an important reason for publishing several sections outside the author's native USA). Northern Soul is a book-length poem of observation and reminiscence, a kaleidoscope of impressions occasioned by visits to Lancashire, in the north-west of England, where the author has several times appeare at the Bury Text Festival; Lancashire is also home to the Northern Soul music scene — another moment of US/UK interpenetation.

Picture of book cover Ron Silliman Northern Soul
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Michael Smith Prayers for the Dead

Published March 2014. Paperback, 88pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613379 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

This is Michael Smith's first collection since his Collected Poems of 2009, and is an elegiac volume. As the author says: "Let me try to define prayer as I am using it here. It is a voice in the head, ours and not ours. It speaks in words we scarcely understand. Unstoppable, unless distracted by our quotidian pursuits. Beckett said it thus: 'All poetry, as discriminated from the various paradigms of prosody is prayer.' Enigmatic, but what else would one expect from Beckett? Essentially, I perceive prayer as a form of homage or 'recognition' — the other word used by Beckett."

Picture of book cover Michael Smith Prayers for the Dead
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Simon Smith 11781 W. Sunset Boulevard

Published January 2014. Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613225 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

'You could study an Ordnance Survey map of the route or you could make annotations concerning Dickens' association with Chatham and many other points, but Smith's skill in assimilation will always be ahead of you, partly because it assimilates ruthlessly to his own present tense, and partly because total assimilation is refused in favour of sheer presence.' —Peter Riley, The Fortnightly Review

'The Waste Land may have been smoothed to automatic for the iPad, but Simon Smith's Gravesend makes the South-East coast of Dickens and Conrad a place worth missing connections again. All the digital landfill of one London poet's life is here, not to mention a book-stopping tribute to Cy Twombly. Line by line, Smith is one of the most exciting poets writing in England: if it weren't for the sweet Thames and the Little Chefs, he might pass for an American.'  —Jeremy Noel-Tod

Picture of book cover Simon Smith 11781 W. Sunset Boulevard
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Steve Spence  Maelstrom Origami

Published October 2014. Paperback, 92pp, 9 x 6ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613546 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Steve Spence’s new collection of poetry – his second from Shearsman Books – is a continuation of the mapping of contemporary cultural and political topics through the medium of montage, intervention and startling juxtaposition. While this poetry has its serious side there is plenty of scope for fun and a celebration of the strange and ‘off-key’. There are still a few odd-sounding fish, and the occasional cloud or pirate may appear when least expected, yet it’s a developing terrain where almost anything can happen and often does.

Cover of Steve Spence - Maelstrom Origami
Janet Sutherland Bone Monkey

Published April 2014. Paperback, 76pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613478 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

This new collection from Janet Sutherland explores the deeply mischievous, but darkly malevolent figure of Bone Monkey. A trickster who has always existed, he's one of the old gods who sprang to life fully formed. Sitting on the shoulders of men and women through the ages, he is by turns perpetrator and poet, murderer and lover, gardener and carer.

With sonnets, ballads and lyrical free verse Bone Monkey wanders through a series of shamanic creation myths into reveries on memory, love and loss. If he is brutal and amoral at times, he is also a dreamer rejoicing in those longings to eat the whole world, as Robert Bly has it, which are intrinsically human.

Picture of book cover Janet Sutherland Bone Monkey
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James Sutherland-Smith  Mouth

Published October 2014. Paperback, 114pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £9.95 / $18
ISBN 9781848613539 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

"This is a masterpiece. The love poetry is especially beautiful. The entire sequence is in a way a love poem (and therefore must include some hate). The poem is a fine discourse on language, especially poetic language, and on simple speech aspiring to truth while aware that this is an ideal forever double-crossed by the duplicity of words in the human mouth."  —Irving Weinman
"I read it through at one sitting, relishing the wit and observation. Somewhere around 42 I began to feel that this is a really wonderful sequence of poems — it has its own world, risky, audible and absorbing, shot through with paronomasia and otherworldly insight." — Piers M Smith
Cover of James Sutherland-Smith - Mouth
Mervyn Taylor The Waving Gallery

Published January 2014. Paperback, 88pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613300 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

"Mervyn Taylor is a poet of great sensibility. His astute, quiet and resonant poems bring us into what is not said as easily as he does portraitures that are singular in their insight. His poems shine without calling attention to themselves. Whether in NY or Trinidad, whether about love, forgiveness or adventure, his poems are gorgeous. This is a book to be savored. Here is a mature and muscled poet, writing that gives us what we look for in poetry: that brew of word, sound, truth." —Veronica Golos

Picture of book cover Mervyn Taylor The Waving Gallery
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Jon Thompson Landscape with Light

Published September 2014. Paperback, 84pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613492 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

"All along the highway," Jon Thompson writes in his mesmerizing collection of cinematic landscape poems, Landscape with Light, "strange civilizations congregate in small settlements, like a vision of the past, suddenly there, evident to the eye." Otherworldly, uncanny, melancholy, there like the past, like the present, the place (not the people) remains: a glimpse, a flicker, a trick of light that excavates the dark, the endless accretion of shadows. What is to be found there? "Desire like a dream of paradise." Ekphrasis is rarely this eclectic, this moving. —Eric Pankey

Jon Thompson - Landscape with Light
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Maureen Thorson My Resignation

Published April 2014. Paperback, 78pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613447 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

How does one overcome the thought that "past failures dictate future performance"? Maureen Thorson's second book of poetry follows a couple as they put their separate histories behind them and create a new life together. In My Resignation, fragments of overheard dialogue, close observations of the changing seasons, and a wry sense of humor blend to narrate the transformation of doubts into certainties, as past heartbreak is set aside with this motto: "Proceed with caution, but always proceed."

Picture of book cover Maureen Thorson My Resignation
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Robert Vas Dias  Arrivals & Departures

Published June 2014. Chapbook, 36pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £6.50 / $9.95
ISBN 9781848613652 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Robert Vas Dias, an Anglo-American born and now resident in London, has published ten collections in the UK and USA, the most recent of which are London Cityscape Sijo and other poems (Perdika, 2012), and Still · Life and Other Poems of Art and Artifice (Shearsman, 2010). This chapbook brings together a series of uncollected prose poems.

Robert Vas Dias - Arrivals & Departures
JL Williams Locust and Marlin

Published February 2014. Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins, £8.95 / $16
ISBN 9781848613287 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]

Locust and Marlin considers how, in lives bright and brief as a candle's burn, we tell our stories and locate the places where we live and love. Where is the origin, our point in space from which we view the world? How much control do we have over who we are and what impact we have on the territory we inhabit? In a world whose boundaries and pathways are increasingly difficult to define, how do we find our way home?

Picture of book cover JL Williams Locust and Marlin
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