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Michael Farrell

Dan Disney reviews Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell tells us that Cocky’s Joy is the ‘metaphorical cum personal syrup produced when culture, land, history and images of Australia collide with the rest of the world in my mind’ (press release); indeed, here is a crucible of rhapsodic, visceral energies. The book begins with ‘Breakfasts’, as if implying it has been a long night of the aesthetic soul in the Antipodes, and that here are to be found nourishments we’ve longed for……

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Date: 6 July 2015

Michael Farrell - Open Sesame

The first thing you notice about the poems in Open Sesame is a colloquial familiarity. At the same time the poems are often dense and use an unstable grammar. In some of them there’s a distinctive parlance going on: not just Australian but regional and possibly generational (I mean here the adult generation around the time of Farrell’s country childhood). Farrell is an agile performer. You feel there’s a language being created here and yet it’s your own language.

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Date: 16 March 2014

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