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Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards - Down With Beauty

Ken Edwards is one of UK poetry’s most productive veteran writers and publishers, with Reality Street maintaining a stream of necessary publications of which many of the best come from Edwards’s own pen. Like all of Edwards’s recent work (including the 2011’s excellent Bardo: Forty-Nine Prose Pieces Over Seven Days), Down With Beauty is made up of texts left-justified and run on as ‘prose’, but which exhibit a stylistic self-consciousness and openness to linguistic difficulty and disorder that we might associate with poetry. And one of the things that is most distinctive about the reading experience of Down With Beauty is the variety of gradations of this difficulty and disorder between the work’s sections Thus at some points sentences jut up against one another like Language Poetry’s New Sentences, though in other sections conform more closely to (never quite) ‘conventional’ narrative prose—in fact more so in this volume than in Bardo and Nostalgia for Unknown Cities

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Date: 6 August 2014

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