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Eléna Rivera

Eléna Rivera - The Perforated Map

A map is an abstraction of a real physical terrain, drawn up as much to expand knowledge as to provide a means of travel through unknown space. On our planet, on which there are few unexplored and unmapped areas, a map is most often an aid to getting from one place to another, what lies in-between is of less interest, is often only a panorama of inconvenient sceneries. Today’s map no longer has those mysterious and legendary spots where mermaids cavort and monsters lounge in wait for the unwary.
Not so the human mind. Or the human body. Both of which, due to the philosophical quirks of western civ, are often treated as individual and separate. In her first book with Shearsman Books, Eléna Rivera looks at the overlap between the two: the creation of a social being. Her book is a very personal narrative…
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Date: 6 August 2014

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