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Dan Disney

Dan Disney reviews Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell tells us that Cocky’s Joy is the ‘metaphorical cum personal syrup produced when culture, land, history and images of Australia collide with the rest of the world in my mind’ (press release); indeed, here is a crucible of rhapsodic, visceral energies. The book begins with ‘Breakfasts’, as if implying it has been a long night of the aesthetic soul in the Antipodes, and that here are to be found nourishments we’ve longed for……

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Date: 6 July 2015

Dan Disney reviews Natalie Harkin

Australian poet Natalie Harkin’s Dirty Words is a book of historical, ethical, indigenous consciousness; a savvy repository organized as if an archive. Or indictment. Framing each of the poems are quotes from a range of sources, and each text is codified alphabetically: thus we work (harrowingly) from ‘Apology’, ‘Boat People’, and ‘Climate Change’ through to ‘Xenophobia’, ‘Yothu Yindi’, and ‘Zero Tolerance’.

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Date: 6 July 2015

Dan Disney reviews Andrew Spragg

This book of dire imaginings is a forecast in which the weather turns sublime, the poet mapping trajectories of our presently mutating contours of reality to an imagined near-future. In the epigraph to OBJECTS (the title functions either as a verb or noun), Spragg signals his intentions
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Date: 22 May 2015

Amelia Rosselli reviewed

Rosselli wrote Serie ospedaliera in 1969 during a period of hospitalization, her translator Roberta Antagonini tell readers, for “a mental illness she suffered from for most of her life” (79). Here is a poet who “penetrate(s) into rooms furnished for a truer life” (8), and these texts are (in her own words) traumatological  (36), the poet’s “petrolific/ imagination” (43) lighting across vestiges which swarm with appearances and objects taken as unreal.

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Date: 17 May 2015

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