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Alan Munton

Alan Munton reviews the Wor(l)ds in Collision exhibition

This outstanding exhibition is, of course, a game. ‘The artworks here’, writes Mike Rose-Steel in his ‘Wittgensteinian introduction’ to wor(l)ds in collision ‘are engaged in various forms of play, translation or reconfiguration’. The setting for this show was a house at the edge of the main campus of Exeter University, where you walk in upon the exhibits in the hallway, there to encounter a screen busily engaging in wordplay. You could then either go upstairs, engaging with artworks on the walls, or head into the main exhibition room, where the sheer variety of objects became apparent. Notable among these was the structure that held, hanging to be read, cards bearing the 50 or more poems written by the Exegesis collective, who are Jaime Robles, Mike Rose-Steel and SMSteele. The hanging poems are entitled The Wittgenstein Vector, which was first exhibited as an outdoor campus installation attached to a tall Victorian brick wall; on each card is a proposition from the Tractatus, with a poem on the reverse. You engage by reading the exhibit. 

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Date: 26 November 2015

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