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P. Inman - Written 1976 - 2013

P. Inman – Written 1976 - 2013

(Manchester: If P Then Q, 2014. Paperback, 727pp, £20.00)


Reviewed by William Garvin



*poetry stripped beyond its essentials.


*sculptural. reductive. (like the name p.inman).


*phrasings short. lateral.


*('pleat-glow from like' 'cusa this paint'...).


*autonomous language. distanced from outer referents.


* with random molecular interactions.


*(‘veff’,  'inkle', ‘plem’,’ceouscuit',obl'...).


*scattered like random code.


*punctuation/borders placing each word within contemplative space.


*slowing. the. reading. process.


*the word/sub-word taking precedence over the phrase.


*highlighting closer dimensions of language skimmed over by 'normal' reading.


*illuminating intro:  c.dworkin.


*(where did all the syntax go…?).

4 February 2015