Samuels, Lisa

Lisa Samuels - Tomorrowland


Lisa Samuels - Tomorrowland

Paperback, 104pp, 9x6ins 
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Tomorrowland is a book-length poem of bodily transit and colonial forgetting. Its names and events perpetually arrive in a new world, whose versions here combine promised lands and historical suicide. Eula moves among these real and imagined place-times with other symbolic names and unnamed figures, and Jack plays death. The primary formal note is the interrupted iambic.

The poems of Tomorrowland are dense, radiant, lyric divinations. Startling in their jolting intensity and juxtapositions — so still, you might think young girls bodies had been used to make the air. The astute focus never falters or fades. One thinks of conjuration, of prophecy where there's no separation between a green jacket and the ambiance of an afternoon, and this sure magic will keep us safe into the future. The world joins itself in an energetic twining of language, sound, picture, impulse — "at night she sweated language on her sheets". If this is the future, bring it on. —Anne Waldman

Lisa Samuels' Tomorrowland is a guidebook and diary from an actuality existing among real sea and ships and coastline, history, and contemporary reflection. There are named “characters,” but the true characters are a colony, a “we” of the newly arrived to this land. The generous and graceful syntax is a fusing agent for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The reader exults in the accomplishment of the verse. —Alice Notley

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