Tarn, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Tarn and Janet Rodney - Alashka


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Nathaniel Tarn and Janet Rodney - Alashka

The Shearsman Library 1
Published February 2018. Paperback, 180pp, 9 x 6ins, £10.95
ISBN 9781848615854 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]
Alashka is a lost book. It was first published as half of a very large, well-printed volume in 1979, spliced together with Tarn’s Selected Poems up until that point. The publisher was a new outfit in Boulder, Colorado, called Brillig Works and born in an eponymous bookstore. Distribution was poor, and fitful, and copies were notoriously hard to come by. This ensured that what was, in effect, Janet Rodney’s first collection, vanished from view. Also, a valuable expansion of tarn’s anthro-poetics, gained little or no attention, whether in Alaska or in the lower states. The book finally gets its own set of covers here, and a chance to find its own niche.

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