Andrew Duncan - Savage Survivals



Available only direct from Shearsman Books.

Andrew Duncan - Savage Survivals

Paperback, 116pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Here are arcane mysteries, here are forgotten histories; here are assorted arcana and incunabula; and here there is a transposition of a Chinese classic to contemporary Glasgow, filtered through the mesh of a Chinese martial-arts movie. And what connects aerial photography, growing up in the Turkic lands, and sound-poetry (the difficulties of)? — Andrew Duncan's imagination, which ranges far and wide, but always brings back news of interesting climes, and lands where perhaps even the poets' heads do grow beneath their shoulders. Savage Survivals is Andrew Duncan's eighth collection, and his third with Shearsman. One of our most original poets and critics, he now lives in Nottingham.

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