Andrew Jordan - Hegemonick


Andrew Jordan - Hegemonick

Paperback, 114pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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Memory and rehearsal. The cognitive processes upon which we have learned to depend, they keep us in our context, which is where we are screwed. She said, "Use your imagination to set yourself free, be inspired to think the unthinkable." And I did. But there are so many things that contain us.


Hegemonick is a 'free history' of the war against children, something unearthed; it is a delusional narrative, an ode to oblivion; a hymn to the goddess, the once and future porn queen; a therapeutic journal, partially rewritten; a decoy (but not a plan).

"This is astonishingly powerful writing. The hair on the back of my head rose. It is a great poem sequence." —Peter Philpott

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