Anne Blonstein - memory's morning


Anne Blonstein - memory's morning

Paperback, 88pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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A musical phrase, a dream image, the absence of a lover, fragments of conversation with friends, an atrocity, the fragility and infinite mutability of words… each of the 71 poems in this collection proliferates around its transient nucleus. Like cells in a body, they are dynamic repositories of the past, sites for the breakdown and synthesis of experience, receptors and translators of self-generated and external messages. The immediate setting of the poems is Europe, a continent of many languages, whose borders can be porous or impenetrable depending on who wants to cross them. A truly heterogeneous space, whose land- and mindscapes remain deeply scarred — but also nourished — by the events and concepts of not only the twentieth century. Although the poems in this book written over a period of four years are distinguished by annually changing forms, they have been arranged not chronologically but calendrically.


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