Boris Poplavsky - Flags


Boris Poplavsky - Flags

Paperback, 124pp, 9x6ins

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Translated from Russian by Belinda Cooke & Richard McKane


Flags was the only volume of poetry published by the Russian emigré poet Boris Poplavsky (1903–1935) during his own lifetime. A significant Surrealist volume, it is one of the "lost" creations of a man who has been called the greatest of the emigre poets. Now recovered by Russian literary experts and re-edited for a new public, Poplavsky is gaining the readership that eluded him in his lifetime. Unusually, this volume presents the complete contents of the original volume (Paris, 1933), rather than presenting a Selected or some other overview, and thus opens a window onto a fascinating and unfairly neglected figure, and allows us to see his work as his contemporaries would have done.


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