Brandel France de Bravo - Mexican Poetry Today — 20/20 Voices


Brandel France de Bravo - Mexican Poetry Today — 20/20 Voices

Paperback, 248pp, 9x6ins

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Mexico is one of the major centres of Hispanic poetry—something which is perhaps more visible from the USA than from Britain, but nonetheless something that needs to be realised by anyone who cares about contemporary poetry in Spanish, or indeed, contemporary poetry of any kind.This volume includes work by the following poets — Luis Miguel Aguilar, María Baranda, Efraín Bartolomé, Marco Antonio Campos, Hector Carreto, Elsa Cross, Jennifer Clement, Antonio Deltoro, Gloria Gervitz, Francisco Hernández, Elva Macías, Víctor Manuel Mendiola, Samuel Noyola, Jose Luis Rivas, Silvia Tomasa Rivera, Pedro Serrano, Natalia Toledo, Manuel Ulacia, Jorge Valdés Díaz-Veléz and Veronica Volkow.


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