Brooklyn Copeland - Siphon, Harbor


Brooklyn Copeland - Siphon, Harbor

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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The poems in Siphon, Harbor are what happen when the element of freshwater is allowed to wash freely over the poet's intense and unabashed observations of new romance and the capricious nature of the American Midwestern summer. Copeland, anchored by the mutuality of her themes, wastes no time in layering her own intimacies upon the intimacy she creates with her reader. From the very first page we have access to both her process and the inevitable resultant verse. This verse, which may appear self-contained and compact, is in fact pliant and reciprocal. Among love poems that are unclouded by disingenuousness or cliche, we find a love that is both succinct and expansive, like a clear, gray lake that is deeper than it is wide.



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