Catherine Daly - Vauxhall


Catherine Daly - Vauxhall

Paperback, 100pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Vauxhall is pitched where voice and experience coincide. The poems sing and dance through heavenly mansions and real bungalows, tourist traps and museums, pharmacies and vending machines. Vauxhall is a calendar. It's an "all occasion" greeting and gift. The Hollywood pitch for Vauxhall might have been "Marianne Moore meets Joan Jett" or "Alexander Pope goes to night school." Like the pleasure garden once called "Fox's Hill" which gives this book its title, Vauxhall puts emotion in Place because things are alone or entire after they have been torn or leased or unmoored. Or, to quote rather than rephrase Yeats, "Love has pitched his mansion in / The place of excrement; / For nothing can be sole or whole / That has not been rent."


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