Siriol Troup - Beneath the Rime


Siriol Troup - Beneath the Rime

Paperback, 92pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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Beneath the Rime is Siriol Troup's second collection of poems, following Drowning up the Blue End which was published in 2004. Rooted in real and imagined landscapes, the poems in Beneath the Rime explore memory, art and language, asking above all what it is to be human. This new collection finds her adopting voices — human and animal, colloquial and historical — in her search for a 'proper viewing distance' where life's messy fragments fuse together, enabling us to understand our position — and negotiate our survival — in a troubling world where 'our tracks once told us where we were' but which now seems, at times, no more than a 'shudder on the horizon'.


Read an interview with the author here.

Comments on Siriol Troup's first collection —

"Whether she speaks in the voice of the kidney stone in (and then cut out of ) Samuel Pepys' bladder, or Albert Camus as he considers the reckless optimism of house spiders, or in her own persona, Siriol Troup is never less than compelling and authentic. She blends lyric and narrative modes to recreate the world, is attentive to language and to myth, but always captures reality." (Penelope Shuttle)

"…tremendous gifts in language, imagery, wit and originality of approach." (R V Bailey) 


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