Susanne Dyckman - equlibrium's form


Susanne Dyckman - equlibrium's form

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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In Susanne Dyckman's first full-length collection, following from her Etherdome Press chapbook published in 2005, poetic tonalities and phrasings are used to disrupt the chronology of past and present. Language plays — and replays — across the page, radiating from interiority to historical concreteness and back again. The reader is impelled through a temporal spiral, "the body as it moves in sequences of rain".

"A poem in equilibrium's form refers to 'action taking place in no visible scene' and 'interferences enjoyed,' lines which perfectly the express the book's innovative structure. But this is also a richly sensual poetry — 'sensual,' as in touching, hearing, and seeing the world — light bending in a tiger's eye, 'sound of night fire' and the indigo stain on skin after a butterfly brushes it. The poems bring us directly to the center of experience, and in such spare phrasing our breath is taken." — Paul Hoover


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