Tin Ujevic - Twelve Poems


Tin Ujevic - Twelve Poems

Published 2013. Chapbook, 34pp, 8.5x5.5ins

ISBN 978-1-84861-316-4  [Download a PDF sampler from this book here.]

Translated from Croatian by Richard Berengarten and Dasa Maric

Tin Ujevic (1891-1955) is regarded in his native Croatia with the same kind of popular affection and respect as Robert Burns in Scotland. His poems appeal to people of all ages and conditions. Under their deceptively simple surfaces lie deep linguistic sonorities and emotional resonances. Born in Dalmatia, Tin lived in Belgrade, Mostar, Sarejevo, Split, Zagreb and Paris. A natural Bohemian, he was always poor. Tin's writings have hardly been translated into English. These versions not only render the meanings of the originals, but also respect their musicality and form. For the first time, they make one of the great lyric poets of the twentieth century available in English.

"Richard Berengarten and Dasa Maric, with their marvellous translations of some of the finest of Tin Ujevic's poems, present the world with yet another carefully hidden master of the written word." — Tomislav Kuzmanovic

"Tin Ujevic was one of the last masters of European Symbolism. But unlike such Symbolists as Rilke and Valery, he is cut off from British readers by the unfamiliarity of his native language. In Richard Berengarten he meets his ideal translator. An excellent linguist and one of the finest craftsmen we have in English today, Berengarten is a passionate lyricist with a commanding range — like Ujevic himself. This is a peculiarly satisfying book." — Clive Wilmer

"Richard Berengarten is an English poet whose ear, knowledge and sensitive empathy have long served him as an interpreter of several European poetries. He has brought to these lyrics of Tin Ujevic a music that an alert English-speaking reader cannot fail to recognise. Transferred and transformed from the Croatian, here is his melancholy turn-of-the-century lyricism, comparable to that of Thomas Hardy, of Edward Thomas, and of early Yeats. So here is a chance to meet Ujevic on his own terms in translations that offer the full resonance of the originals." — Anne Stevenson



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