Tupa Snyder - No Man's Land


Tupa Snyder - No Man's Land

Paperback, 80pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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No Man's Land is Tupa Snyder's first collection. Born in Calcutta, she has studied at universities in India, the United States and England. This book includes a large proportion of work presented in 2007 to the University of Exeter for the award of a Ph.D., and demonstrates the arrival of a confident new voice that straddles cultural divides.


"Few new poets explore the ins-and-outs of identity — self, family, nation, memory, place, language — with the lyric intensity of Tupa Snyder. Snyder parleys with the Romantic quest for the idealised self as much as its present day fragmentation, to achieve works of power, formal range, and emotional depth, and to open a window onto her unique vision of an Anglo-Indian heritage." —Andy Brown

"In Tupa Chakraborty Snyder’s precision instruments of language, the clash of cultures becomes a palimpsest where edges are blurred and erased. Memory grows the flesh of sensation, an exquisitely detailed, pointillist’s dream of the shifting inscapes/landscapes of the crumbled Raj-world, the new U.S. world, the mid-world of England, and the new India, beset and grounded by the metaphoric and metonymic persistence of the old. All the places of home defamiliarize to otherwhere. In otherwhere, the I that speaks is the center point of a circumference that, like Borges’ circular book and St. Augustine’s God, is everywhere and therefore nowhere, glimpsing and losing itself while always being itself. This is a mesmerizing first book of poems you will not be able to put down.” —Dr. Lucia Cordell Getsi (University Distinguished Professor, Emerita, Illinois State University)


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