Yang Lian - Sailor's Home


Yang Lian - Sailor's Home

Paperback, 132pp, 9x6ins

A Sailor's Home suggests many years of travel, cross-cultural contacts, a place of rest after too much time spent on the high seas. This particular Sailor's Home is a record of a private poetry festival held in London in October 2005 at which six poets came together with a group of invited guests to read and discuss one other's work. This miscellany of the work written for the occasion is presented in the original languages and in English translation. The poets taking their respite in this Sailor's Home are Arjen Duinker (Netherlands), W.N. Herbert (U.K.), Uwe Kolbe (Germany), Peter Laugesen (Denmark), Karine Martel (France) and Yang Lian (China); their able translators are, respectively, jeltje, Mick Standen & Jo Tudor, Anne Born, Vivienne Vermes and Brian Holton. The festival, and this book, were sponsored by Jenny Hall.


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