Alasdair Paterson - Elsewhere or Thereabouts


Alasdair Paterson - Elsewhere or Thereabouts

Published 2014. Paperback, 86pp, 8.5x5.5ins
ISBN 978-1-84861-327-0  [Download a PDF sampler from this book here.]

From Troy to Arcadia, on the high road to elsewhere and the low road to thereabouts, boarding a ferry 'cross the Mersey and hiking the Jurassic Coast, skating away on Duddingston Loch and dynamiting the frozen rivers of Siberia, lured to the summit and drawn to the edge - Alasdair Paterson plots a course at the cruising speed of the flâneur through the ruins of empires, dreams and good intentions. Though pavement cafes still play a part...


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