Alfred Celestine - Weightless Word. Selected Poems.


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Alfred Celestine - Weightless Word. Selected Poems.

Published February 2016. Parperback, 9 x 6 ins, 118pp.
[Download a sample PDF from this volume here.]

Alfred Celestine was born in Los Angeles in 1949 and came to London in 1977, remaining there until his death in 2009. He published two books of poetry: Confessions of Nat Turner (The Many Press, 1978) and Passing Eliot in the Street (Nettle Press, 2003). Weightless Word is easily the most comprehensive selection of his poetry to date, revealing his range and power as a poet.

“…the moon scythes in and out of [Al Celestine’s] poetry, sometimes reflecting, sometimes black. This stuff isn’t an achievement – the word belittles it. It’s real.”
—Keith Jebb

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