Edwards, Ken

Ken Edwards - No Public Language


Ken Edwards - No Public Language

Published 2006. Paperback, 184pp, 8.5x5.5ins
ISBN 9781905700011 Download a PDF sampler from this book here.

The author says of this Selected — "This volume contains what I think of as the essential matter in my verse composition over two decades. I tend to compose in books, and didn’t want to disturb the integrity of my favourites — therefore Drumming & Poems, Intensive Care and 3600 Weekends are included in their entirety, as are the shorter sequences A4 Portrait and A4 Landscape. Erik Satie loved children, an early pamphlet, is also included, as I still think it's quite sweet, and besides it was the first showing of what later evolved into my preferred procedures — cutting and splicing, juxtaposition, language play, composition by rhythm."



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