Hughes, Peter

Peter Hughes - Selected Poems


Peter Hughes - Selected Poems

Paperback, 148pp. 9x6ins

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Peter Hughes, born in 1956, has been writing for 30 years, and this volume sums up his career to date. Already the author of two-and-a-half Shearsman collections, and editor of a Shearsman anthology devoted to poets from his own chapbook press, Oystercatcher, this volume will cement his reputation as one of the UK's most interesting, and unclassifiable poets.


"Read it, in the expectation of any number of lyrical pleasures, for the ear, for the play of line against continuous movement, for its celebration of remembered pleasures, for its good will and for its wit. By this last, I mean a mind in evidence in the poems that can constantly surprise itself in the turns of speech, that can dance in the syllables and still have world and experience in its sights." —John Hall

"The poetry of Peter Hughes is much more than just a world of particularity and he has, time and again, threading through his work the ability to condense the universal into the field of local habitation and name." —Ian Brinton


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