Hughes, Peter

Peter Hughes - The Summer of Agios Dimitrios


Peter Hughes - The Summer of Agios Dimitrios

Paperback, 88pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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Peter Riley, writing in PN Review about Peter Hughes' previous Shearsman collection Nistanimera, observed — "Peter Hughes personalises and modernises the Romantic lyric mode of address, blending into it the stratum of practical everyday living with its hassles and clutter, and the conversational speaking voice. He plays with the inheritance of the European love poem as a renewal of it, sometimes seeming to undermine it and then folding it back into his purpose.?     


This is a poet working very much in his own way, and breaking the rules of just about all current schools."

The Summer of Agios Dimitrios started out as a poetical journal kept on the west coast of the Mani peninsula in Greece as the summer of 2007 turned into its autumn.

"Peter Hughes has persevered in the face of everything that conspires to stop you doing it. This is now a measured poetry of the everyday, an intense clarity produced from a steady gaze and replete with respect for the otherness of people, place and things. It is immanent with the numinous which moves toward the surface and sometimes manifests itself in a startling cognition." —John James


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